Dan-dan-da-nan… Every woman should be in their most beautiful on their wedding day. The most beautiful wedding dress, the most beautiful pair of shoes, the most beautiful hair and make-up, the most beautiful head piece, and-yes-the most beautiful bridal lingerie.

Indeed, you’ll always want to look your best in your wedding day; but wouldn’t it be a hundred-times better to have the best lingerie for your most anticipated honeymoon? And what better way to make that happen than to pack up staple white bridal lingerie?

But women of different lifestyles will surely go for different styles: classy, sexy, sophisticated, simple, conservative, and a lot more. For the bride, it is important to get your bridal lingerie a good week before the honeymoon. It is also advisable to match your bridal lingerie to your wedding dress. Here are some tips to help you select the most stunning bridal lingerie.

1. Embroidery, chiffon, and soft and sheer fabrics spell S-W-E-E-T. You can go for this look if you want to be an enchantress in the woods or the magical fairy in your own fantasy land.

2. If you are bothered by your flat, skinny body, go for details like ruffles and flowery embroideries. You can wear a ruffled chemise and flowing, shimmering fabrics. The details can add volume in your body and make it look fuller.

3. Don’t hide those gorgeous bust lines. Go for feminine, short-hemmed and U-necked chiffon lingerie that will emphasize your upper body.

4. Want to exude youthful vibrance? Lace and ruffled straps will look great on you. Pair it with cutaway bottoms and a thong to complete that “blushing honeymoon doll” look.

5. If you have several problem areas in your body that you want to keep mum about during your honeymoon, choose a long and flowing nightdress that emphasizes the least problematic parts of your body. A long lace sleep dress with slit is a great mix of comfort and style.

6. Want something edgy and sexy? Embroidered cups in short flowing chiffon best spells sexy. For breathtaking results, pair this with a lacy thong.

7. If you are gunning for that sexy but subtle look, a see-through lingerie with lacy cups and hem in white is your best pick.

8. Want the “young and innocent look”? Go for a delicate, white cotton nightdress with little embroideries.

9. If you want to look sexy and comfortable at the same time, a soft cotton nightdress that reaches just below your mid-thigh is best for you. An empire-waist cut will look good on you, with details like satin ribbons, lace and satin trimmings in the neckline.

10. You’ll look good in lingerie regardless of your size. Plus-size cotton nightgowns in subtle shades of pink and blue, and even white, will look fabulous on you. A scoop neckline will also look great, and feel free to explore on ruffles and lace details.

After knowing what bridal lingerie you’ll be wearing on your honeymoon, make sure it fits you perfectly. Examine the material at hand: the elastics, the fabric, the details, the wires, and the stitching among others. With these things in check, you are now ready for a beautiful honeymoon.