Buying or renting a wedding tuxedo

Specialists will have a large variety of current styles to choose from. Not ones that date back to the 1980’s. They will know to advise you that button covers and mandarin collared shirts have gone the way of ruffles and powder blue and orange tuxedos. They will have designer tuxedos and accessories, as well as styles made by lesser-known manufacturers. Knowledgeable specialists will know that the color of choice for a tuxedo as we speak is black, but as the new line-up is being previewed, shades of gray and navy will be trying to make a comeback.

Formalwear specialists will ask you questions and knowingly listen to yours and answer them. Your specialist will be interested in you—not be “just” an order taker.

A reputable shop will own their inventory and maintain it, not be a middleman that wholesales (sub-contracts) the tuxedo. They will have a professional tailor on the premises so that they can accommodate any alterations that need to be done. Your formalwear specialist should be knowledgeable regarding every phase of the rental process – from the first hello until the day you return the garment.

Specialists will not, or at least should not, start your business relationship with a sales pitch. Instead, a brief conversation with you, the customer, whether you’re a single rental unit or as an engaged couple, should be expected, to let the specialist know your personality. Inform them of the time of day, and type of an affair it is going to be and from there you proceed to actually looking and trying on tuxedos. Visit for more information.

Buying or Renting a Tuxedo. Making the right choice

While many men have probably rented a tuxedo at least once in their lives, it was most likely for their high school formal or prom. At this particular time in their young lives, it was one of the most exciting times, and most probably they were obsessing over what they would look like. Many were left wondering whether they were going to impress their dream date, and more importantly concerned with getting mom’s approval on just how handsome they were.

As they have grown into well-rounded, productive men once again they are faced with the formalwear dilemma. Many questions start running through your mind. “Should I rent or purchase a tuxedo? What style do I look best in? Should I go for a designer label tuxedo or doesn’t it matter? Where do I go? How much will it cost? I wonder if that old tux in the closet will fit?”

Renting vs. Purchasing

Briefly, if you have the occasion to wear a tuxedo at least four or more times in a one year period, then economically you would benefit from purchasing a classically styled, quality designer tuxedo. Go classic in styling because the tuxedo will not date itself in a short period of time. But, if you are a fashion driven individual and prefer to wear the newest styles to each event, then naturally, renting is for you, unless you have an unlimited amount of money to spend.

When renting a tuxedo for any black-tie event – fundraiser, awards, ceremony, testimonial dinner, business, a night out on the town, a guest at a “Black Tie Invited” Wedding – or for your special day, it is your wedding and you should select a reputable formalwear specialist. A formalwear specialist is a shop that specializes in men’s formalwear as their main business not just as an added cash flow for their dry cleaner, bridal shop, or limousine service, just to name a few.

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