Awesome Bouquets for Elegant Brides

The flowers for your wedding may be a tough decision, but when it comes to your bouquet, well, that seems to be even more difficult in most cases because of today’s multitude of offers. A crucial item for any bride, the bouquet has transcended the years and has become a fashion masterpiece in itself, like the dress, the rings or any other wedding accessory, with its own importance and moments throughout the event, to be … Read more

Bridal lingerie tips

Dan-dan-da-nan… Every woman should be in their most beautiful on their wedding day. The most beautiful wedding dress, the most beautiful pair of shoes, the most beautiful hair and make-up, the most beautiful head piece, and-yes-the most beautiful bridal lingerie. Indeed, you’ll always want to look your best in your wedding day; but wouldn’t it be a hundred-times better to have the best lingerie for your most anticipated honeymoon? And what better way to make … Read more

Choosing wedding gloves

Possibly the sole wedding issue that has more brides flabbergasted than what to do with their divorced parents is, surprisingly, gloves. We get countless inquiries about these troublesome fripperies. First, let’s deal with the etiquette of these confusing little accessories. ◾Gloves are considered formal wedding attire, much like a train or a veil. As such, the presence of gloves makes an ensemble more formal. The longer they be, the more formal they is. Bridesmaids never … Read more