Facebook Faux Pas

When you live with your significant other, you get to frequently put into practice the cardinal rule of kindergarten: Share. Now, I’ve been living with my fiance for quite some time and believe I’ve got the basics down. But if you are currently living solo and getting ready to move in with your spouse-to-be, take note that the slight nuances of sharing aren’t always so clear. Take Facebook, for example. Your Facebook account is clearly … Read more

The road to your wedding – using a FitBit?

Every bride wants to look great on her wedding day. Each takes a different path but, for many, wedding planning is a great excuse to get into shape, perhaps lose a pound or two and feel just great walking down the aisle. help Still need some motivation? Yes, you can use your spouse for support but maybe you both need help. Considered a FitBit? Getting a FitBit (or two) can help both of you stay … Read more

Keeping cool for your wedding day and managing stress

Planning your wedding is one of the most important and enjoyable things you will ever do. It’s also one of the most stressful. Most couples realize a few days after the engagement that stress has affected them already. This overwhelming feeling we all experience is only human and sometimes necessary in order to achieve success. Why do we have to stress over what will be the happiest days of our lives? Planning for a wedding … Read more

When Future In-Laws Were Once Outlaws

A former student of mine called me out of the blue; he wanted to meet me for a cup of coffee and a healthy dose of advice regarding his upcoming nuptials. This happened when I lived in Boston, Massachusetts, in the little neighborhood of Brookline.  Right down the street from the Coolidge Corner T stop, I met Mark for a cup of Peet’s Coffee eager to hear what brought him into my New England town. … Read more

Wedding Workout Wonders

Wearing a formal dress all day long, in the heat or the cold, then followed by hours of taking photos, then an entire evening of mingling and dancing can wear anyone out.  Often brides are more exhausted than they should be for their first night of wedded bliss.  Bridesmaids also find themselves waking up sore to aches and pains.  Perhaps it’s because we don’t often find ourselves doing the Cha Cha Slide or the Time … Read more