Every bride wants to look great on her wedding day. Each takes a different path but, for many, wedding planning is a great excuse to get into shape, perhaps lose a pound or two and feel just great walking down the aisle. help

Still need some motivation? Yes, you can use your spouse for support but maybe you both need help. Considered a FitBit? Getting a FitBit (or two) can help both of you stay motivated and even start some friendly competition. Not familiar with a FitBit? A FitBit is more than your average pedometer. Getting this little device will help you stay active, eat better, target a healthy weight and can even help you learn about your sleeping habits!

The reasons for getting a FitBit will differ between people, although for many the reason is to keep track steps taken per day – and to gradually increase that number. This may seem like a thing of the past or something that the little old lady who walks around your block every day would use. But you’re wrong. Knowing how many steps you’ve taken in one day can make working out and being active more tangible. The FitBit website will record and graph how many steps you take each day and propose a number to be considered “active”. When logged into your account you can set goals for how many steps you take and even show these stats on Facebook, hopefully getting some encouragement along the way. Show your wedding party – it’s not so easy to ease off then!

Getting a FitBit also has a social element. Joining forums and clubs really makes a difference with your experience. When you create your online account you can make a group or even join one of the many already available. For you and your spouse making your own group can be very romantic! Share stats and record calories and because you’re in love and are always together.

Before your wedding your goal is to be improving your appearance (sounds shallow but true for most). Most of us don’t get enough sleep. Sadly the FitBot won’t put you to sleep. But you will learn a lot. FitBit has some magic that tracks when you are asleep, merely by wearing it on your wrist in bed. After each night you will get a detailed report about how often you were awake and for how long. Over time you will see patterns and then be able to accommodate for this. This will be working toward the beautiful you, with the help of more sleep.

Of course, the difference between calories in and calories out is key! Tracking steps helps understand the calories you use. What about those you take in. This is where the partnerships the FitBit folks have with other web sites and services can help. Take one example – http://www.myfitnesspal.com/. This site allows you to carefully track your food and drink. It has some great features like figuring out the nutritional benefits of your food and – if you use one of their mobile apps – the ability to scan in food from a bar code. Neat! But the best part is that you can link our My Fitness Pal account with your FitBit account. That allows the FitBit site to show you “in vs. out” calories and, from that, set weight loss goals. If you are disciplined with the use of these web sites then there is a huge amount of information made available to you. And that, too, can help you get motivated.

My Fitness Pal is just one example – take a look at the “app gallery” to see plenty of other ways you can integrate with other services.

And finally, it all works so well when you actually SEE the results. And, for that, the Aria wireless scale is very cool! Just step on each day and this wonderful device will record your weight, body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI) – and send it over your wireless network to, where else, the FitBit site. Now you have calories in (perhaps through My Fitness Pal), calories out (using the FitBit) and the results (through the Aria). There’s nothing quite like seeing a downward slope on that graph of your weight it there?

You can even use your FitBit on your wedding day! Maybe put it on right before you walk down the aisle so you will always know how many steps it took you to marry your partner! Then have the rest of the day to win points and get better stats. You will do a lot of walking! If the FitBit is a bit pricey for your budget there are many other devices that will work just fine. The main goal is to live a healthy, happy life.