And So The Wedding Is Done…

The wedding party is over. You are happy, but exhausted: one year of preparations in advance, dress, shoes, make-up, veil and hairdressing, location, church and catering, rings, jewels, suits, lists, checklists and notes, flowers, bridesmaids, anxious parents and too many questions from friends and relatives. And this is just to name a few of your efforts to have a memorable wedding day and to offer your guests beautiful memories.

Your honeymoon is far away, right? Our advice: choose a destination that is not close to your hometown because distance will help you disconnect easier from daily issues, situations – and dare we say family and friends!

General Suggestions for Your Honeymoon

We have 4 dos and don’ts to keep you happy and relaxed:

  1. Do have a camera and use it. Photos and memories will walk along with you throughout your life and will bring you that sweet flavor of “Honey, we had some beautiful days on our honeymoon!”.
  2. Do not worry about possible unpleasant things you may face in your journey. Just let yourself flow with the breeze of being happy one next to each other.
  3. Do bring reading material with you because love and books are an exceptional combination boosting the serotonin level, the chemical responsible for happiness and well-being.
  4. Don’t use social media, internet, and phones in excess. The honeymoon is maybe one of the few occasions in life when you can totally disconnect from the world and nobody gets upset with your decision.

There are two things that dictate your needs on your honeymoon:

No matter the destination and the season, always check your luggage for these 3 crucial items:

  1. ID and papers: take originals with you, but you may also make you have some scans and archive them somewhere in the cloud, so you can access them from anywhere just in case.
  2. Health items: minimal cold and stomach medication
  3. Money: cards are good and easy to use, but a small amount of cash is necessary as you should be prepared for the less pleasant situations.

Hot Warm Weather Honeymoon Tips

Warm days of the spring (mid to late April) until the last sunny days of the autumn (mid-September). A majority of honeymoon destinations involved a beach, rather that other places, but this has changed somewhat in recent years.

Going to a beach for a warm sunny honeymoon? Perfect. You need immediate help because:

Let us help you!

1. Neutral colored and versatile clothing

Clothing that can be easily paired one with each other, with the shoes and bags, which can be worn either during the day or in the evening

A simple long beach dress can be easily accessorized with a scarf and a pair of long earrings. Now you have a nice evening outfit!

2. A pair of sandals for the day and one for the night; a bag and a clutch

The bag and the clutch can be used as stuffing space for jewels or other small necessary items such as the swim suits.

3. Two or three swim suits, sunglasses and a hat

If possible, when you leave for your honeymoon, dress so that you can wear your hat and sunglasses. This way, you’ll avoid packing the hat which can be a challenge…

4. A sun block and an after sun lotion

You can reach a perfect tan without the unpleasant and dangerous sun allergies: apply a sun block on your skin and then add some sun oil on top of that. Never use just sun oil. It is dangerous for your health and contributes to the appearance of wrinkles.

5. Make up and a body lotion to keep your skin hydrated

Limit your make up purse to a lip balm, a lipstick, mascara and a bronze powder. Avoid foundation. Buy a body lotion that can be used for the complexion too so you will have less to pack.

6. Reading material

You can buy a book and a magazine directly from the airport so you won’t have to carry them in your luggage. Or simply buy an e-reader and download your favorite books.

In Summary…

Be relaxed, be happy and enjoy your honeymoon with your beloved! Also, make sure you let us know if you discover more absolutely necessary things to carry with you when you go on your honeymoon.