Ageeing on a honeymoon location

Where to begin? Talk! Talk! Talk! Talk! Finding out what your mate’s expectations are, and matching them with yours, will make honeymoon planning easy. Here are a few basic questions to ask

Do we want to get married in the same place we honeymoon?

Destination weddings are growing more popular every day. Marrying in a hotel away from home either alone or with a few friends or family members can save a consider-able amount of money. Also, when you honeymoon in the same hotel, you won’t have to pack after the wedding or run for the airport.

Do we want to go around the corner or around the world?

Talk about how long your honeymoon can be and arrive at a general budget. This will determine how far you can go.

Do we want to save or splurge?

This is your trip of a lifetime so it’s the time to splurge with luxury rooms and memory making activities if you can afford it.

Do we want sunshine or show?

Discuss the climates you like best and choose your destination accordingly. Skiiers who marry in the summer can honeymoon in South America. Sun lovers who marry in the winter can choose from a variety of beach destinations around the world.

Do we want to learn something new that we can enjoy together?

You might like to combine your honeymoon with a golf, ski or sailing school or a tennis camp to learn a sport that you can enjoy together for the rest of your lives.

Do we want a cruise, a honeymoon package, an all inclusive resort or a trip tailored just for the two of us?

Each of these options has advantages. Choose the one that matches your dreams. Cruises make honeymooning easy. The ship is your home away from home and meals and most on board activities are included in the cost. When choosing a cruise line make sure that you ask if there are tables for two in the dining room and check out different categories of state rooms. Read brochures carefully and if there is a particular port of call that you want to explore, make sure that the ship will be there long enough to see it.

Honeymoon packages, available from hotels, airlines and tour wholesalers are designed with romance in mind. They often include special perks that other packages do not. When booking a hotel, ask if there are special honeymoon packages.

All inclusive resorts include most meals, sports equipment and tips. Some include all liquor and bar charges as well as other special activities. Read the small print or ask your Travel Agent to make sure exactly what is included in the price. Some packages include round trip airfare. Others do not.

If you have special dreams and want a trip tailored to your wishes and pace, you can work with a Travel Agent to make sure that everything you dreamed of is built in.

What are your honeymoon dreams and fantasies?

Talk about them and you will be able to make most of them come true!

Your honeymoon is the trip of a lifetime. Discussing the above can make sure it will fulfill your dreams!

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