The wedding day is here. Next to your child’s birth, first kiss or graduating from college this day is maybe one of the most important in your life. You marry your beloved one, and this is going to be an event celebrated with your family and friends. What can be more beautiful and exciting?

Of course, this day comes after a long preparation, with multiple challenges, especially if you are neither a professional wedding planner nor a second-time bride.

The bridal party… Well, this is a tough one. If you thought choosing flowers, venues, chairs, cakes or even the dress or the veil can be difficult, wait until you face organizing the bridal party. It can be exciting as well as a good way to ruin relationships and to get your feelings hurt.

We are here to help with our top 5 tips to keep you bridal party happy, joyful and ready to accompany you on your life adventure.

  1. Family is crucial, and that is a fact you cannot ignore. Maybe you are not aware of this or maybe you’ll think family loves you no matter what. It’s true. Partly. They’ll love you, but they can be easily hurt if you don’t treat them accordingly. Family is forever, so its place in the bridal party is tremendously important. When you get married, two families get united thus people with various backgrounds must cope one with each other in friendly terms. In any case, if you decide to have your siblings as bridesmaids, you should decide with your future husband how he feels about this and how he decides to do with his family members. Feel free if you want to include friends’ children in your bridal party as ring bearers or flower girls, but don’t push it if you don’t agree it together. Start your couple life with decisions made together in full understanding.
  2. Where there are women, there are drama queens. Women, by nature, are temperamental and can react rather strange to not so critical situations. Exaggeration can be a trait, especially when pressure arises. The safest ways to avoid unnecessary scenes are either by excluding the persons that can create such moments or by just imposing some definite, unnegotiable rules. After all, this is your party, you are the primary character in your movie, and you don’t need anyone to tell you it is a bad choice, to remind you of how the ex-boyfriend were, to poison your biggest day with stupid ideas. Protect yourself and your husband from all the unwanted comments and pressure.
  3. Stay calm. Under pressure, moments are part of the wedding itself when preparing it, or when talking about the bridal party. Not all your ideas regarding the bridal party will be feasible. Maybe you can’t include all your friends, former classmates, or office colleagues. Maybe the persons you want to invite to be part of your bridal party are short with money, so they can’t support all the expenses. Maybe they have other plans, and they can’t get involved in it. We assume that just communicating to them your wish, asking them to think about it without any obligation to accept can be an excellent way to keep a friendship on real terms over the years.
  4. Think in terms of long lasting relationships. Who is in your life since… forever? What is your relationship with that person? Is it a contextual friendship or do you share secrets one with each other? Next to whom do you see yourself in 20 years from now? The bridal party should be an intimate circle of persons sharing important things with you and your future husband. After considering the family members in your bridal party, then make a list of close friends and acquaintances and analyze those you want to see in your pictures in the next years.
  5. It’s not about quantity. But about quality. There is no good number or a bad number. If you feel you need just one bridesmaid, that’s perfectly fine even if the groom has five groomsmen. The most important thing is of course that you are that kind of host making everybody feeling welcome, happy and ready to party. Your wedding should rather be a stylish party than a crowded feast.

We believe a great bridal party is made out of great family members and friends taking care of your well-being, contributing to a memorable stress-free party. They know their importance in your event so mostly certain they’ll make everything go perfectly.

We hope our tips will help you in keeping your day bright. And don’t forget to include us in your bridal party. After all, we’re friends now!