5 Tips for a Great Bridal Party

The wedding day is here. Next to your child’s birth, first kiss or graduating from college this day is maybe one of the most important in your life. You marry your beloved one, and this is going to be an event celebrated with your family and friends. What can be more beautiful and exciting? Of course, this day comes after a long preparation, with multiple challenges, especially if you are neither a professional wedding planner … Read more

Tips for the wedding limo

Most people wouldn’t hire the cheapest surgeon, or stay at the cheapest hotel, yet, many brides-to-be shop for a limousine service in this fashion. Don’t make a precious mistake! The biggest mistake brides and grooms make when hiring a limousine service for their wedding is basing their decision solely on the “best price”. This translates into a large risk for you. Getting the “best price” is like choosing a surgeon who offers the least expensive … Read more

Wedding rehearsal dinner themes

Wedding Rehearsal Dinners are wonderful intimate events. A Mexican Fiesta, A Hawaiin Luau, A Low Country Boil, A Clam Bake and a Spanish Tapas Party are five great rehearsal dinner themes that will add pizzazz to a special evening that will long be remembered. Out of all the wedding festivities, it is often the wedding rehearsal dinner that brides, grooms and family members say was the most fun event of the weekend wedding festivities. “I … Read more

The rehearsal dinner speech

If you play an important role in an upcoming wedding, you know the inevitable is on it’s way – the traditional speech or “toast” as it is widely known. If you are unfamiliar with this traditional, usually people in the wedding, such as the best man, maid of honor, the bride, groom, and bride’s parents make a toast to the couple who wed, kicking off the celebration of the couple’s new life together. Since many … Read more

Wedding ring styles

There are many styles of wedding rings and wedding bands. When looking for your own rings or bands, browse stores to compare the styles and prices that’s right for you. By giving yourself knowledge you can get a better deal and value for your purchase. First, create a budget, then give yourself some space within that budget for wiggle room. Next, choose your favorite style, so when you go into stores you have an idea … Read more