Wedding Roles and Responsibilities.

The bride and the groom have their clearly defined part in the story. They are the ones to coordinate all the tasks such as choosing a date, a venue, clothes, flowers, invites, rings, photographer and above all setting a budget. But what about the other wedding roles and responsibilities?

Bride and Groom

Usually, the bride and the groom have separate tasks. For example, the bride makes sure her parents have a list of their guests, chooses the maid of honor and bridesmaids, set all the details for the bridesmaid’s luncheon and offer them thank-you gifts. In addition, she buys a present for the groom.

The groom has similar duties, including his parents list of guests, choosing the best man and groomsmen, thank-you gifts and the present for his future wife. He is also responsible for the officiant’s fee, and to take care of the out of town guests (hotel reservations, transport, if necessary).

All these efforts by the bride and the groom may result in some tiresome moments, so a little bit of help is always welcomed.

Bride’s and groom’s parents

The parents, as in many other life circumstances, should be ready for moral support and secondly for financial help, as in today’s tradition the costs as evenly distributed among the parent’s and the couple.

The bride’s parents duties:

–   Hosting the engagement party;

–   May contribute to some expenses;

– The mother chooses her clothes and then informs the groom’s mother so they can complement each other;

–   The bride’s father is always ready for any wedding duties, escorts the bride on the aisle, he is ready for the Father- Daughter Dance, and traditionally he is the last to leave the reception. He also may prepare a special toast.

The groom’s parents duties:

–   Hosting the rehearsal party and may organize a second engagement party;

–   May also contribute to some expenses;

–   They consult with the bride’s parents regarding the formal wear.

Maid of Honor

She is one of the most important persons in a wedding. Everybody relies on her abilities to solve things, to organize activities, to respond quickly to all the problems. Customarily, she is the bride’s sister or best friend.

–   Before the wedding, she is in charge with the bridesmaids and their activities (bachelorette party, dresses, etc.), and she is also ready to help in any tasks of the bride and groom.

–   On the wedding day, the maid of honor will help the bride dress and prepare, will stand as a witness when signing the marriage license, will take care of the veil and dress to look perfectly, and keep the bouquet at the altar. She will bring the groom’s ring. She is also in charge of organizing the bridesmaids for the photo sessions. She’ll finally help the bride to change, at the end of the wedding, and will take care of her dress and bouquet until the couple comes back from the honeymoon.

–   She will pay for her attire and other costs generated by her role (accommodation, transport, etc.)


The bridesmaids can be of any age starting 16, single or married. A bride can choose as many bridesmaids as she wants however in most weddings you don’t see more than 12.

–   They assist the maid of honor and is ready to help the bride;

–   They may contribute to the bachelorette party costs;

–   Similar to the maid of honor, they will pay for their attire and other expenses generated by their roles (accommodation, transport, etc.)

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