Registry details in the invitation?

Many people think it inappropriate to include registry information in the wedding invitation, so if you want to be couth you better hope your mother likes to talk as much as mine does. But somehow you really should be telling guests about the wedding registry.

Word of mouth is the best way to let family and friends know where you have registered for wedding gifts. Also helping to spread the work, it is permissible to indicate in bridal shower invitations at which stores you are registered.

What is appropriate in my registry?

What you put on your registry is completely up to you. If you’re worried about putting on items that are too high priced, there is no need to worry because if guests feel an item is too expensive they simply won’t purchase it. China and silver patterns, sheets and towels, and kitchen gadgets and appliances are all typically found on gift registries.

Which registry program?

From Kmart and Target to Bloomingdale’s and Williams Sonoma, there is a wide variety of retail and department stores that have wedding gift registry programs. Some stores even offer “gift certificate’ programs that allow guest to contribute money to a general fund that the couple can apply toward items in the store. This is especially useful in stores with high-priced items such as furniture. Yep, you read that correctly — furniture. This is a great method to use if you have all your appliances but are ready to up-grade your hand-me down living room set.

Don’t forget the honeymoon

But don’t stop at ‘registering’ for furniture, why not have family and friends contribute to your honeymoon. That seven-day all-inclusive resort in Fiji is possible if you set up a fund for your honeymoon. Work with your travel agent to set up such an account. And for those newlyweds who need cash more than gifts or a honeymoon, this site even allows couple to set up a fund that will allow them to get the cash value of what guests have given toward a gift.

Some traditional registry sites include The Knot and AAA-Wedding Registry.

When you’re deciding where to register, keep in mind that registering in too many places can be confusing for you and your guests, so try to register at two or three places. If you are registering for big-ticket items, you may want to limit the places you register to that one honeymoon site. Finally, complete the registration process five to eight months before the wedding (most stores keep your list on file for one year) so that guests have ample time to purchase gifts. And above all-have fun!