Budget las vegas weddings

Your Cheap Las Vegas Wedding: How to Have a Vegas Wedding for Under $500. Most women have dreamed about their fairy tale wedding since they were little girls. But the reality is that most weddings cost at least $20,000. So what’s the solution? A cheap Las Vegas wedding of course!

Las Vegas is the wedding capital of the world. Only in Vegas can you have a really great wedding without breaking the bank.

Most of the chapels in Vegas will provide everything you need for the wedding: flowers, marriage officiant, a witness (if needed) photography, videography, wedding music and chapel decorations.

Some Vegas chapels will even provide tuxedos and gown rentals, reception services, limo service and wedding cakes.

Other than booking your travel arrangements and hotel, you will need to get a marriage license. Getting a marriage license in Las Vegas is very easy. The cost is only $55 and must be paid in cash. There are no blood tests required or a waiting period. Plus you can pick up your marriage license and get married the very same day.

As an added bonus, you can have your bachelor / bachorlette party, wedding and honeymoon all in the same city – talk about a money saver!

Las Vegas is as famous for its unique theme weddings as it is for its gambling. That’s the attraction of getting married in Vegas. Here are some popular Vegas wedding themes:
◾Celebrity Impersonators – only in Vegas can you get married by a celebrity look-alike.
◾Destination Weddings – also, knows as “Adventure Weddings”, where you have your ceremony performed outdoors at Red Rock Canyon, the Grand Canyon, and Mt. Charleston among other places.
◾Drive-Thru Weddings – these originated as a solution to people arriving at the chapel who had limited mobility. Now it’s for anybody who’s looking for a sit-down, unique wedding and it’s generally a very low-cost alternative. Some chapels even provide vintage cars or Hummers for you to drive-thru in.
◾Elvis Weddings – by far the most common celebrity impersonator you’ll find in Las Vegas and also the most in demand. Elvis symbolize all that is Vegas.
◾Gazebo Weddings – a garden wedding set in beautiful Las Vegas surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees is another favorite wedding theme.
◾Hawaiian Weddings – if you can’t go directly to Hawaii for your wedding, then having a Hawaiian-themed Las Vegas wedding has to be the next best choice.
◾Helicopter Wedding – where else but in Las Vegas can you get whisked by helicopter to have your wedding ceremony performed at the location of your choice.
◾Hot Air Balloon Weddings – there’s something truly romantic about a hot air balloon. Getting married in one is the ultimate in romance.
◾Limo Weddings –riding in a limousine is classy and elegant. Getting married in one is a stylish way to say “I do” while touring around Las Vegas.

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