He’s charming. Funny. Kind. Sensitive. Handsome. Insert other words any bride-to-be might use to describe her future husband here.

Fiance puts effort in to keeping me happy. Between checking off items on the “honey-do” list and buying me surprise gifts, I think I’m pretty lucky he’s planning on sticking around for a while.

Not all of his surprises go according to plan, however.


Yesterday, he stepped out to do a little holiday shopping, which included a stop at the local wine and beer distributor to pick up a case of wine to pass along to various members of our family over the next few weeks. When he arrived home with his swag, he proudly declared he had picked something up special for me and handed me a wrapped bottle.

Delighted, I opened my gift to see what delicious libation I would be partaking in that evening, and read the label out loud. “Fat Bastard Wine.” Now, I love wine of any making, but I believed it to be an odd choice for someone who is trying to be a buff bride.

“Thanks?” It was more of a question than an expression of gratitude.

Fiance grabbed the bottle out of my hands. “Oops,” he said. “That’s not quite right.” He took the bottle of Fat Bastard out of my hands, rummaged through the rest of the case, and found the bottle he was looking for.

Skinnygirl Sangria,” I laughed.

“Let’s never bring THAT up again,” he said. I told him it was way too funny not to share with the world.

It wouldn’t be the first gift of the year to go awry. For my birthday in August, Fiance had scored a fantastic deal on a few discontinued football jerseys we had been looking for. I remember when the box arrived in the mail, and he promptly hid it in his closet. “That’s your birthday present,” he admonished. “Don’t peek.”

I behaved myself, but I bet he wished I had actually snooped around a bit. On the morning of my birthday, he excitedly thrust the same box in my hands. (I’ve come to learn men don’t appreciate the small things like gift wrap. Or opening boxes to make sure what they’ve ordered was what they’ve received.)

I opened the box and pulled out my jersey. “Thanks,” I said. “But I don’t think I’m a Men’s Extra-Large.”

“Oh, that one’s mine.” He set it aside, and I looked down into the empty box. He peered into it with me, and pulled out the receipt.

The receipt contained a handwritten note. “Sold Out – Women’s Jersey.” Fiance looked at me sheepishly. “Oops.”

I can never be mad at these things. It’s just what makes him so one of a kind.

He got me an even cooler gift that day (a Nook Color) AND I eventually got the jersey too, so I think I made out pretty well. I can’t wait to see what kinds of things our first anniversary brings.

What quirky things does your significant other do? 

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