Flowers – From Predictable to Breathtaking

Flowers: the beautiful little touch that are one of the many things that help create the fairytale wedding of your dreams. Choosing the perfect flowers are one thing, but deciding how to incorporate them into your wedding is another. Many people use the traditional bouquet and consistently use the same flowers throughout the day. But if you’re looking to spice up your wedding and make the flowers an unpredictable surprise you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some new trendy ways to make the flowers go from predictable to breathtaking.

    • A simple way to draw more eyes to the flowers is to pick bold colors, such as Fuchsia pink, burgundy, deep purple and many others. These flowers stand out and look very fashionable if the theme of your wedding is traditional – meaning lots of white and basic colors – and these vibrant flowers are most commonly placed where you’d expect them to be such as brides hands, chairs and the alter.
    • Whether you decide to go for the vibrant colors or creamy pastels this next suggestion will work for you. The first step is to simply group your flowers into a bouquet, then use a silk ribbon that will stand out. For example, if you
      were using darker hues like purple, red and blue then you would use a lighter ribbon to tie them, such as bright yellow or a simple white. This will balance the colors out and allow you to choose even more exotic ones. If you decide to use lighter colors like a faded white or a light pink then you should pick a brightly-colored ribbon to make that eye catching pop even more desirable.
    • Placement is also a very important aspect when it comes to designing your “I do” location. Picking vibrant hues is not the only way to create a romantic scene. Many brides consider flowers in the hair to be romantic. For darker hair tones a light pink or white is suggested and for lighter hair a dark blue or pink. Another unique idea is collecting large groups of flowers and hanging them like lanterns from the ceiling. Add vines running down the walls to complete the look.
    We hope these ideas help create your dream wedding. Good luck!






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