Big wedding? Small wedding? Either way – save that date!

Of course, both the bride and groom want everyone they invite to attend the wedding and put the date aside. Why not do it in a unique way? For many the “Save The Date” invitations will be the first taste of the wedding. Consider making them personal, unique or non-traditional. This will make them fun and excite guests about your big day.

Being surrounded by technology and a desire to do things quickly means our first instinct is to send an email and be done. Indeed, for many this is acceptable, although creating a very person and unique invite will
be much harder this way.

A simple way to create an eye-catching invite it to pick elaborate colors that you will incorporate into your wedding. Choosing bright pigments will shock the invited into noticing and most won’t forget. This technique is helpful for late Save the Dates.

Feeding your guests before they even arrive will almost guarantee all the sweet teeth show up! A new cute way to invite people is with food such as cookies or cupcakes. However sending a card or sticker with the treats will help, in case people eat the date before they save it! This idea is suggested for a smaller wedding – unless buying five hundred cupcakes is acceptable.

Talking pictures of you and your soon-to-be hubby is a great idea for save the date. This helps give the invited a great visual of how your life will change and also helps people remember to save the date if they have a
visual image with which to connect.