Save the Date: The Most Popular Wedding Date of 2011 – 9/10/11

September is turning into a very popular month to get married!  The most popular wedding date of the year happens to fall this week — 9/10/11.

Bucking the traditional summer wedding, many couples have turned from the traditional to the whimsical nature of the numerical date with fifty-six percent more brides tying the knot on 9/10/11 than on the second most popular date of the year 6/11/11.

What’s the big deal with September 10th?

September is traditionally a big wedding month with 12% of all weddings being booked in early autumn / late summer.  Couple’s love having a date that is memorable to guests and will make remembering future anniversaries easy to recall.  The counting up date has proven very popular in recent years.

The date is considered lucky due to the rarity of the date and all of the lucky number twists available to brides.   The couple can incorporate the numbers into the decor of the night with everything from the number of guests at tables, songs with numerical themes, number of attendants, and more.  The numbers can help tie the entire night together from the invitation to the table numbers, programs, and menus.

Other Popular Upcoming Wedding Dates

10/10/10: It may have been a Sunday, but it was a big hit with brides in 2010.

11/11/11 This year’s twist on the trifecta!  It may be a Friday, but it is turning into a solid night for a fall wedding.

10/11/12 and 11/12/13 – Not nearly as popular since they fall mid-week, but some couples will still opt to tie the knot on these counting up dates.

3/5/2013, 3/3/2013 Math nerds unite! These are all “prime”  days for a wedding.

12/13/14 This is the last chance you’ve got to marry on a counting up date.  The fact that it falls on a Saturday is a major plus.

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