Trading the Scale for the Veil

I’ve been avoiding this topic, but it’s time to publicly ‘fess up. I’m trapped with the same 22 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for 7 years. Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but at least they saw some PROGRESS along the way… an aqueduct here, a Coliseum there. It seems every aqueduct I build gets destroyed pretty quickly by the Italians (pizza) and the Chinese (sweet and sour chicken).

A goal isn’t a goal without true motivation and a deadline, and now I’ve got the ultimate catalyst and an absolute drop-deadline. Like any other bride, I want to look and feel my best on my wedding day; but more importantly, when I say the lines “til death do us part,” I want to know that I’ve  done everything in my power to push that particularly fateful day as far into the future as possible.
However, according to this article, if managing my weight is of the utmost importance to me, Fiance and I should NEVER say our “I Do’s,” as research shows the years following our wedding will continue to add to my waistline. On the other hand, Fiance also has some work to do to fit into his “skinny jeans,” so if marriage will help him get there, I’m all for it. I suppose I just have to stay committed to a healthy lifestyle change rather than jumping on another diet to avoid the wifely weight gain.
Perhaps putting our successes and failures on display may bring us that elusive accountability we have been seeking to help us lose a stone or two. I could chronicle the adventures my fiance and I have while trying out local gyms, meeting up with nutrition experts, getting fit with the bridal attendants, and, perhaps most critical to this endeavor, learning how to turn on our stove. Curse you, KitchenAid control-lock feature.
Sifting through the web’s barrage of advice on shedding unwanted weight and sorting out the tried and true remedies from the pills, panaceas, and placebos that probably won’t get me anywhere. I found some very logical advice here, but need some help transforming strategy into action. I particularly like the hints for getting more activity into my otherwise sedentary day job, but I’m not 100% ready to cut out bread and coffee. Especially coffee. I’m generally pretty depressed after my morning cup o’ joe is over.
So, tomorrow starts the journey – and note I didn’t say “diet,” which explains the lack of deja vu I would have expected to feel right now.
What are some strategies you’re using to look and feel your best on your wedding day? Leave a comment and tell other brides the resources you’ve used to reach your health and fitness goals!

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