Wedding video questions

A wedding truly is a once-in-a-lifetime event and it’s important that the video company you hire has the talent to ensure all goes well, regardless of unforeseen events on the day. This list of questions should help you find the service with the right qualities.

Does the cameraman have a spare camera to meet the unexpected?

No-one can predict what may happen on the day of the wedding. It’s therefore essential that your video service can compensate for awkward events.

At what time will they arrive at the event?

You want to strike a balance between the service being available to record all the special moments of the day yet not being so early that you can’t enjoy those private family moments early in the day.

Do they work unobtrusively?

The last thing you want on your wedding day is a video service that attempts to steal the show.

Can they work amicably with your chosen photographer?

If the video and photography services have worked together before you’ll find a more friendly atmosphere on the day. This also considerably reduces the possibility of misunderstandings. If you book (for example) the photographer first, ask for recommendations.

When will the finished tape be ready for collection?

After your honeymoon you’ll want to look back at the great day. Make sure the wait isn’t too long – a professional service should be able to return the finished product in a relatively short time. However, this does depend on the extent of the editing required and how many ‘special effects’ you have requested.

Are there any hidden costs?

Ensure that you know ALL the various charges that may be incurred.

Have they worked at your church/reception venue on previous occasions?

A lot of time can be saved if the video service has experience with your church and reception venue. You’ll find the cameraman knows the most suitable spots from which to film and can fall into the background more comfortably.

How long have they been in business?

Don’t cut a deal with the new video company in town! Only experience can truly ensure you receive the professional video you require.

When do they expect to be paid (most companies expect payment in full before the event)?

Again, this is about avoiding any unnecessary surprises at a time when you really should be enjoying yourself.

Finally, remember that the video company is the only service that will be with your party throughout the day and light refreshment would be appreciated by the camera team.

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