How to support your wedding cake

Then, a half hour into the reception, just as you are beginning to relax and enjoy yourselves, your coordinator tells you that the cake is starting to collapse and you need to cut it now, while there is still time to salvage it and to get those special pictures. You rush to the cake table, place a forced smile on your face and quickly cut the cake.

Unfortunately, this scenario occurs all too often, but NOT if you order your avoid wooden dowel rods, which are used by many wedding cake bakers. There are 2 reasons for this:

  1. Dowel rods are made from wood. Cakes are moist. Have you ever smelled moist wood? The pieces of cake that are touching those dowel rods WILL taste like wet wood.
  2. Dowel rods can slip. If only 1 dowel rod slips, your cake will lean, or even worse, fall on the floor. Have you ever heard a horror story about someone’s cake leaning, or falling on the floor, dowel rod slippage is usually the reason why.

Invest in stainless steel cake supports. They are stainless steel rings with acrylic legs attached to each ring that are adjustable in height. These supports are inserted into each and every layer of cake that will be supporting weight (another cake or a heavy figurine etc.) They will keep your cake level, and in place with no chance of leaning or falling. Do not charge extra for this service. These rings will be returned to the baker with the rest of your equipment after the wedding.

When ordering your wedding cake you may want to ask your baker what he/she is using for support. No wedding cake can be put together without supports. It is just not possible without a huge risk of disaster. If your baker tells you different, think twice about placing that order.

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