And I Don’t Even Have a Wedding Dress Yet

I’m pretty sure my anti-bride’s guide to wedding planning suggested that the groom is responsible for picking out the tuxedo/garb/costumes for the dudes in the wedding party. So I was a bit surprised when Fiancé tapped me on the shoulder on Monday and requested my presence at his appointment with Men’s Wearhouse. Not knowing a tail from a double breasted jacket, I agreed to accompany Fiancé to at least dissuade him from walking out with … Read more

Wedding Weight Loss Woes

My alarm clock buzzed needlessly, as I rubbed bleary eyes that had been open for quite some time beforehand. The trepidation that the day’s arrival instilled in me had disrupted any hope of achieving sleep the prior evening, and left me wishing I could time travel backwards a week or two. It was weigh-in day. But not just any weigh-in day – it was Critical Milestone Number One Weigh-In Day, a pre-determined date I had … Read more

Having a Plus Size Bridesmaid in a Sample Size World

As a larger-than-life woman myself, the whole wedding world of size 8 or 10 dresses just doesn’t cut it. Every wedding I’ve been in (31 and counting!), comes with an incredible set of challenges to find something that fits and flatters.  Many brides dream of a matching set of coiffed and lovely ladies, looking delightful and sophisticated in every photo. However, sometimes sample sizing can make it difficult to know the ultimate look of your … Read more

Trading the Scale for the Veil

I’ve been avoiding this topic, but it’s time to publicly ‘fess up. I’m trapped with the same 22 pounds I’ve been trying to lose for 7 years. Sure, Rome wasn’t built in a day, but at least they saw some PROGRESS along the way… an aqueduct here, a Coliseum there. It seems every aqueduct I build gets destroyed pretty quickly by the Italians (pizza) and the Chinese (sweet and sour chicken). A goal isn’t a … Read more