My alarm clock buzzed needlessly, as I rubbed bleary eyes that had been open for quite some time beforehand. The trepidation that the day’s arrival instilled in me had disrupted any hope of achieving sleep the prior evening, and left me wishing I could time travel backwards a week or two.

It was weigh-in day. But not just any weigh-in day – it was Critical Milestone Number One Weigh-In Day, a pre-determined date I had strategically set by which I needed to reach my short-term goal weight in order to stay on track towards being in peak shape for my wedding. Not all brides trying to trim up approach weight tracking day with as much apprehension as I; only the ones who are fairly certain they haven’t taken the necessary steps to monitor calories in nor taken action to facilitate calories out.

I advanced towards the scale as one meeting certain doom, and coached myself into taking the first step on. The numbers raced ever upward, my heart sinking a little lower with each one that passed.

I weighed in at exactly the same weight I did one month ago when I wrote this original post, to the tenth of a pound, and nowhere near my ideal number.

I heaved a great sigh and immediately took pen to paper – it was time to reset some goals and deadlines, and formulate a new strategy. I realized I could renegotiate my original deadlines without setting me back too far, but cannot afford anymore missed deadlines. Managing weight loss is like managing any other project – if I can’t stay on time (or on budget), I’m going to be fired from my wedding. A quick internet search yielded these resources to help me get back on track:

Eating Right

Staying Active

Reducing Stress


I may have started this day feeling defeated, but now I feel encouraged! Critical Milestone Number Two Weigh-In Day is set for November 7th, and I WILL NOT fail.

How did you feel when you missed a goal If you’ve “been there” before, share your support with other brides going through the same thing here!