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A happily married couple and their oldest son. That’s all it took for WedNet to come alive all those years ago.

In 1994 Mark Williams and his wife, Jeanine, moved to the San Francisco area from England. Meanwhile, Mark’s parents – Brian and Christine Williams¬†- continued their wedding business, which featured Williams Weddings (videography and invitations) and running The Guild of Professional Services back in blighty. That Christmas, on his first return trip, Mark mentioned to Brian and Christine this really neat thing he’d heard about. It was called the Internet. Searching for an excuse to explore more he considered how he might create a web site. From that discussion came WedNet, which was created on Mark’s return to the States in January 1995.

How many web sites do you know that have been around since 1995? We have. That’s pretty early – and we’ve enjoyed helping brides, grooms and other members of the wedding party plan great weddings ever since. We hope you enjoy our blog and don’t forget to checkout our web site too at http://www.wednet.com

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Mark Williams

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