Wedding kiss without lipstick

First off, abandon any cutesy ideas you might have about a passionate lip-lock involving tongues. I've seen this done, and while it looked like loads of fun, it left the couple's grandparents mortified and the groom looking distinctly clownish (slap a red rubber nose on that man!) A lingering, close-lipped kiss is about as daring as one can get without risking several kinds of embarrassment. Be demure!

Wedding dress gloves

Possibly the sole wedding issue that has more brides flabbergasted than what to do with their divorced parents is, surprisingly, gloves. We get countless inquiries about these troublesome fripperies. First, let's deal with the etiquette of these confusing little accessories.

Bridal hair accessories

One of the most prominent and noticed details to the overall look of a bride is her hair and the accessories she selects to adorn her hairstyle. Here are some flattering, fun and elegant ideas for that special day.

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