Posted September 18, 2015 Anne Matea
As a bride for the first time, you will talk to many people about what you should have with you on the day, what you should do, what you are supposed to do a week before, a month before, or...Read More
Posted June 19, 2015 Paul Cook
From simple to extravagant, short to long, and sheer white to palest blue, all oozing sexiness, romance, and so much more! #1: Off-the-Shoulder Necklines This one is among the favorite trends for wedding dresses this season – ultra-feminine and classic....Read More
Posted June 3, 2015 WedNet
There’s only one person who gets to experience it all and who wants to give the happy couple not just the perfect pictures for their Instagram or Facebook accounts, but to aim for photography that will ensure your wedding story...Read More
Posted May 24, 2015 Anne Matea
Looking good at your wedding
As a matter of fact, no woman wants to look good at her wedding - she wants to look stunning, amazing, fabulous, beautiful, with the whitest teeth ever seen and with no dark circles around the eyes, with the perfect...Read More
Posted April 23, 2015 WedNet
Shortly after we became engaged... I had the opportunity to travel to many countries off the beaten path with Fiance. Vietnam, stop number seven on our itinerary, had much to see and do; but we were told one thing that...Read More