Traffic jams and wedding days do not go very well hand in hand. Although you cannot control the traffic, you can control who is driving in it. Why drive yourself around on your wedding day? Make sure that you have a safe and reliable way to get to and from your ceremony, and if it’s in a chauffeured vehicle, all the better. You can sit back, relax, and know that you will be delivered to your groom and your guests safely and pampered.

There are several options to consider when planning your wedding day transportation. Limousines are the most popular and affordable ways that couples and wedding parties use to get to the wedding and the festivities. A smaller sized limo can bring just you, your parents or other special person, along with your honor attendant to the wedding. Want all of your attendants with you on the way? Then look at renting an eight-, ten-, or even a twelve- passenger limo. Super-stretch limousines may be the answer for particularly large parties, although they may not be for particularly small budgets! Check with your local limousine company for rates and recommendations on sizes for your wedding parties.

Today’s state-of-the-art limousines are typically fashioned around the comforts of home. CD players, telephones, plush carpeting and leather seats, televisions, and bars stocked with varieties of libations are common amenities to luxury limos. Many limo companies offer what they call “red carpet service”, which is exactly what it sounds like. A uniformed chauffeur will help you with your bags, hold your door, assist you in and out of the car, and stay with you until after the pictures are done. Red carpets are laid out so that the bride walks on the cloth instead of the ground, and some chauffeurs will even assist the bride with fixing her gown before she goes up the stairs or down the aisle. In a limo proportionate to the size of your wedding crew, the car will likely have plenty of room for even the biggest princess gown. The late Princess Diana’s wedding may have been the “wedding of the century”, but her remarkable 25-foot long gown train was all but crushed in her carriage!

THE Limousine Alternative

For a romantic touch, you can consider a horse-drawn carriage to carry you along. A classic look that many brides dream of is having white horses pull their carriage to their wedding. This can be a wonderful touch, but do keep the weather patterns in mind. Is your area hot? Then remember that a carriage is open to the air and will not have air conditioning, which may or may not make you uncomfortable in your gown. If your region of the country is milder, than be sure to bring along a shawl so that you do not get a chill on the way! Brides in areas that have unpredictable and changeable weather–such as New England–will need to keep that in mind as well. A sudden rain shower or blustery autumn day may not be the image you had tried to invoke.

If you do get a horse and carriage for the ride to the ceremony, see if it is feasible to get to your reception that way too. Consider the location and the distance from your ceremony first, and check with the owners to see how that can work. Remember, you will need to arrange for a ride back to your hotel or the airport afterwards. Talk to your transportation company and see if you can also access cars to transport elderly or out-of-town guests to your ceremony or to the reception. This extra effort for guests that have a difficult time driving or are uncomfortable driving in unfamiliar areas will be greatly appreciated.

Is a limo too traditional for you? A horse and carriage not your style? Then you may want to look into renting vintage cars instead. A full antique theme would definitely make a great impression on your guests. Picture a 1925 Nash as the lead car with the happy couple, followed by a 1937 Packard with your bridal party. Rolls Royces, Model A’s, and Lincoln Mark II’s with model years from 1930 – 1960 will be wedding transportation methods that will not be soon forgotten!

After The Party…

The reception is over, the guests are leaving, now how do you and your new spouse get away? If your transportation company was hired to pick you up afterwards, you should be all set. Often times a limo company will send at least a Lincoln Town car or something similar for a pickup. Some will even send a limo at no extra charge if there is one available. If your bridal party came with you in the limo or car to the wedding, remind them beforehand to make arrangements for a safe way home. Did Mom and Dad come with you in the car? Talk with them about how they will return to their home or hotel so that they are taken care of too.

Wedding transportation is such an important part of the planning that often gets overlooked or not planned out thoroughly. Plan ahead at least four to six months ahead of time, sometimes even more depending on the services you are looking into. Consider all your options and all of the logistics of the day to ensure that no one will be left on the sidewalk.

Have a late flight in from your honeymoon? Ask the company to have you picked up and driven home from the airport. Enjoy a few last hours of luxury being driven around and given white glove service. What a nice way to complete your wedding days!

You have just learned the basics of several available wedding transportation options. Read on to learn many of the important questions and considerations you must make before hiring any transportation company. When you have narrowed your company selections down to a maximum of three (preferably two to avoid confusion!), use the full amount of information that you have acquired to make an informed decision. Happy trails!