To prepare for your wedding ahead of time, requires being practical. It is critical to recognize, that as the bride, you cannot oversee all of the logistics to your wedding while it is occurring. Consider appointing a friend, or friends, or hire a paid consultant to oversee the event for you. We recommend making this decision in advance so that any of the vendors that you hire will be informed of who will be in charge on the wedding day. Our Wednet team has not only provided you a detailed Wedding Planner Checklist, but we have outlined a few questions to help you plan ahead. Try to think of the responsibilities for each of your selected professional wedding vendors. This will help in adding to this checklist we’ve provided below.

Wedding Planner Checklist

12 – 16 Months Before the Wedding

6 – 12 Months Before the Wedding

3 – 6 Months Before the Wedding

2 Months Before the Wedding

1 Month Before the Wedding

1 -2 Weeks Before the Wedding

2 – 3 Days Before the Wedding

1 Day Before the Wedding

The Wedding Day

And from all of us here at WedNet have yourself the happiest day of your life!