Things to consider about your wedding invitations

A brides checklist

To prepare for your wedding ahead of time, requires being practical. It is critical to recognize, that as the bride, you cannot oversee all of the logistics to your wedding while it is occurring. Consider appointing a friend, or friends, or hire a paid consultant to oversee the event for you. We recommend making this decision in advance so that any of the vendors that you hire will be informed of who will be in charge on the wedding day. Our Wednet team has not only provided you a detailed Wedding Planner Checklist, but we have outlined a few questions to help you plan ahead. Try to think of the responsibilities for each of your selected professional wedding vendors. This will help in adding to this checklist we’ve provided below.

  • Do I want the photographer to come to my home? When?
  • How will I get to the wedding site? To the reception?
  • Will I get dressed at the wedding site or home?
  • How will the out of town guests get around? Where will they stay?
  • How, when, and where will the wedding vendors deliver their goods? Who do they report to?
  • Will we need storage or a holding/storage area at the wedding or reception sites?
  • What electrical or kitchen needs are there?
  • What kind of delivery needs do the musicians and caterer have and can we accommodate them?
  • Will there be a need for security?
  • Parking for the guests?
  • Where can the professionals store their equipment when it’s not in use (i.e. photographers…)?
  • Who can I rely upon to act as a coordinator/facilitator for the day? Should I hire a professional?

Wedding Planner Checklist

12 – 16 Months Before the Wedding

  • Set the Wedding Date. Take into consideration Holidays, School, Major Sporting Events, Weather, Work, Honeymoon Plans
  • Discuss and decide on the style and type of wedding. Formal/Informal ~ Traditional/Unconventional
  • Choose a Wedding Motif, Color theme and style
  • Select and Reserve the Church, Temple or Wedding site
  • Contact a Wedding Consultant
  • Research and Retain the Following:
    • Photographer____________________________
    • Videographer____________________________
    • Entertainment___________________________
    • Ceremonial Musicians______________________
    • Reception Facility_________________________(see Reception Ideas)
    • Caterer_________________________________(see Selecting A Caterer)
    • Beverages_________________________________

6 – 12 Months Before the Wedding

  • Choose the members of the Bridal Party
    • Maid of Honor
    • Attendants
    • Best Man – groom selects (see our Best Man Checklist)
    • Attendants – groom selects
  • Decide upon the number of invitees and select the accommodations for out of town:
    • Wedding Attendants
    • Family
    • Guests
  • Search and select a Wedding Gown and Veil
  • Search and select the Dresses for the Attendants
  • Schedule a Photo Session for the Engagement Announcement
  • Mail Photo and Engagement information to the selected Newspaper(s)
  • Begin making preliminary Honeymoon Plans
  • Phone interview visit the Rental Company to review and select options
  • Phone interview visit the Caterer to review and select a menu.
  • Phone interview visit the Florist to discuss Floral Arrangements.
  • Phone interview visit the Reception location to discuss arrangements.

3 – 6 Months Before the Wedding

  • Complete a Bridal Registry
  • Select and order Wedding Invitations and Thank you Notes
  • Select and order the Wedding Cake
  • Select and order Wedding Bands and have them engraved
  • Finalize Honeymoon Plans and Destination
  • Select a Travel Agent and Make Honeymoon Reservations
  • Plan a Rehearsal Dinner and Make Reservations
  • Deposits for Services. See the Vendor Checklist below for details

2 Months Before the Wedding

  • Select and Reserve the Men’s Formal Wear
  • Arrange for the first fitting of Wedding Gown
  • Determine and Order the Party Favors for the Reception
  • Determine and Order the Wedding Favors for the Ceremony (see Wedding Ideas)
  • Create a song list or select music genre for the Band or the DJ (see Wedding Songs)
  • Appoint a friend(s), (if no wedding coordinator is hired) to be your wedding coordinator/facilitator
  • Hire a Calligrapher to Address Invitations or Begin Addressing yourself
  • Mail Invitations
  • Arrange Formal Portraits
  • Purchase gifts for:
    • Maid of Honor
    • Your Attendants
    • The Groom
    • Your Mother
    • Any special person who is making major contributions

1 Month Before the Wedding

  • Physical examination
  • Confirm the Rehearsal Date with the Wedding Ceremony Site
  • Make any Rehearsal Dinner arrangements/reservations
  • Arrange for a Hair & Make-up pro to come the morning of the wedding day (see Hair Ideas)
  • Purchase any needed Party/Decoration supplies
  • Write and mail thank-you notes for the Shower Gifts
  • Arrange for the Wedding Bouquet to be preserved
  • Arrange for Wedding Memento’s to be saved (see Capturing the Magic)
  • Arrange to pick-up Honeymoon tickets or have them mailed

1 -2 Weeks Before the Wedding

  • Make arrangements for any Reception or Wedding favors to be delivered respectively
  • Finalize Flowers and make arrangements for delivery
  • Give all appropriate vendors final guest count
  • Apply for the Marriage License
  • Prepare and plan seating for the Reception
  • Prepare Place Cards for the Reception
  • Pick up Formal Wear for Attendants, etc.
  • Create a “guide/handbook” of how you want the wedding day to unfold.
  • Ensure that you have delegated the logistics and oversight of all the vendors and events
  • Confirm all services.

2 – 3 Days Before the Wedding

  • Arrange for a Spa Day: Pedicure, Manicure, Waxing, Facial, The Works
  • Review the Honeymoon Bags for ‘before-the-last-minute’ purchases.
  • Review any details of the Wedding Day with the coordinator(s) you’ve selected
  • Make arrangement for mail and home care while away on Honeymoon
  • Change phone message on answering machine
  • Send thank you notes to those who made the Bachelorette Party possible

1 Day Before the Wedding

  • Enjoy a Professional Massage
  • Read some Love letters from your Groom
  • Pamper yourself and Relax

The Wedding Day

  • Make time to have something nutritious to eat. You’ll need the energy
  • Stop, sit back and take a deep breath and absorb what’s going on around you.
  • Let unavoidable last-minute changes be handled by someone else and don’t fret.
  • Drink, taste, dance, Look into his eyes, and Give him a private toast.
  • Hug your family.
  • Thank all who helped.
  • Include your new in-laws into your happiness and the limelight.
  • Laugh

And from all of us here at WedNet have yourself the happiest day of your life!






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