Unique wedding favor ideas

We have all been to weddings before and have received our fair share of candy, Jordan almonds, candles, bottle stoppers and picture frames.

If you are a bride to be and are looking to give your guests a wedding favor which will actually be used and not placed into a pile of keepsakes – we have ten wonderful practical and useful wedding favor ideas for you.

1) Pizza Cutters – many households enjoy a pizza pie every now and then. How many times have you ordered pizza only to have to re-cut it when you get it home? With beautifully packaged options with stainless steel blades, you can be sure this wedding favor will be taken home and used. Now, “That’s Amore!”

2) “A-Peel to My Heart” Peeler – another great kitchen gadget, which also functions as a unisex wedding favor – a peeler! Whether your guests are peeling some cucumbers for fresh salad or peeling potatoes for a mashed potato dish, these will be used in your guests’ kitchens for years to come.

3) Salt & Pepper Shakers – let’s face it; no kitchen is complete without salt and pepper. Salt and pepper shakers for weddings come in all different shapes and sizes – from whimsical two peas in a pod to practical heart shaped silver plated shaker sets. You are sure to find one to fit your wedding style.

4) Coffee Scoops – Coffee is one of the most consumed beverages in the world, and almost all kitchens today have a coffee pot and coffee on hand. Unlike years ago, pre-packaged coffee does not normally come with a scoop inside. Many people tend to use tablespoons or small scoops – and I am sure your guests will love to receive a stainless steel or silver plated coffee scoop to remember your wedding while providing a useful everyday tool.

5) Oil / Vinegar Bottles – How many times have you tried to pour olive oil out of the bottle only to have it drip? Or how many times have you entertained at your home and didn’t have something cute to set out your oil and/or vinegar in for your guests to use. With designs such as “Olive You!” oil bottles your guests will have a great item to use alone or when entertaining.

6) Bar Tool Keychains – it’s a keychain, it’s a corkscrew, and it’s a set of retractable blades! Talk about a multi-function wedding favor. Now, no matter where your guests go they will always have a set of bar tools to help pop open the bubbly. Not only is the keychain stainless steel – but it looks good too!

7) Personalized Pens – no matter your age or gender, everyone uses pens. Although it may be the computer age, every day we still write things down. Personalized pens come in a variety of styles and can be personalized with up to 4 lines of rotating text – a new message each time you click the plunger!

8) Magnets – there isn’t a refrigerator or office that I know of which doesn’t have at least one magnet somewhere. People love magnets! And with fun designs such as “Hot Hot Hot!” chili pepper magnets or “Lucky In Love” poker themed magnets – you can appeal to all the members on your guests list with these wedding favors.

9) Ice Cream Scoops – everyone loves ice cream, and even if your guests aren’t fans – every household should have one on hand for parties and entertaining.

10) Desk Items – such as letter openers, paperweights, or cute heart shaped calculators will find a home in every office, home office or household desk.

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