Recommendations for wedding planning books

Why consider wedding planning books?

A wedding planning books can make a big difference in how easy – or how hard – it is to plan your wedding. The best wedding planning books offer practical, fun advice and help you take steps towards the wedding that you truly want.

Below are some tips you can follow to find the best possible book.

Getting organized vs. being inspired

There are many types of wedding planning books, from the frivolous to the structured. For many, a couple of books might be wise – one to truly plan in an organized fashion and another to wallow in the romance, fun and excitement of planning your wedding.

It should also be easy to read, as there will most likely be times during the planning where you are unable to think straight!

Books to help you plan

Check lists can be a lot of help in keeping you organized and on the right track with your purchases. Many wedding planning books feature these – here are some great examples:

Books to get you inspired

And then there are the books that are poignant, inspire you, help you save money or just make you laugh! Like these:

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