The food is one of the few aspects of your wedding that you’ll spend more money on than anything else. Subsequently, you’ll want to make sure you work with a first-rate catering service to provide a spread that’s as memorable as you and your sweetheart on the big day.

Here are the top ten questions to ask prospective catering firms before you sign the dotted line.

◾Can the caterer schedule a tasting of the specific foods you are interested in before hiring? A good, reputable caterer should arrange a tasting for you before committing to them verbally or contractually.

◾What is the caterer’s price range? Is there an all-inclusive fee per head or are costs itemized depending on the foods selected? Are tax and gratuity, linens that price or charged separately?

◾Will the caterer provide tables, chairs, plates, place settings, flatware, salt-n-pepper shakers, and other food- and dining-related items? If not, will they arrange for furniture rental? Ask to see the equipment prior to hiring to make sure it’s acceptable.

◾Who is your main contact at the catering firm? Will the same person be overseeing the catering the day of the wedding? If this isn’t the case, request to work with someone who will.

◾Is the caterer planning to work any other weddings on the same weekend, day, or even time as yours? It’s imperative that the caterer devote sufficient time to your event so you may want to pass on catering businesses that are double and triple- booking-weddings.

◾Will the caterer provide wait staff and at what additional cost? Considering the size of your wedding, how many will be working? Top caterers typically always use their own serving personnel (as opposed to the venue personnel).

◾Does the caterer have a license and proper insurance? A license will ensure the catering company has met specified health department standards and has adequate liability insurance. If alcohol will be served, make sure the caterer also has a liquor license.

◾Does the caterer provide alcohol or can you manage the bar separately? Is there a corkage fee if you provide it? Can the caterer provide the alcohol you want or can you make special requests?

◾Can the caterer provide references? A reputable Utah wedding catering firm suggests you get the contact information for at least two prior clients that had a similar menu.

◾Does the caterer provide the wedding cake or can you use an outside baker? Is there a cake-cutting charge?