WedNet is proud to introduce This Ring – Lyrical Vows of Unity, the brand new wedding song from T Carter Music. Please read the story below, as well as listen to a clip from the song.

We hope you enjoy the song and the heart-felt story behind it. Please take a moment to listen to this short clip, then visit T Carter Music web site to purchase the CD and support the artists.

Listen To ‘This Ring’

Tony Carter (T Carter Music), thank you for letting us help tell your story!

The Story Behind the Song
“My inspiration for writing “This Ring” was pretty simple. I was single at the time, not even dating, and my brother was soon to be getting married. I thought it would be a nice gift if I could write a song and perform it for his wedding. I struggled with the lyrics at first, not knowing what to write, so I decided to just write the words that I would hope to someday say to my bride if I were lucky enough to be in that position. Again, I was single at the time, but I already had a romantic vision in my mind of what love was supposed to be. After performing “This Ring” for my brother’s wedding, I put it away in hopes of being able to play it for my own wedding someday.

A few years later, fate stepped in and I fell in love with a beautiful young school teacher. She was everything that I had ever wanted as a friend and a companion and it didn’t take long before I knew that she was the one for me. Our wedding day finally came and I had the opportunity to perform the song I had written years before to the person that truly inspired it. I say that because although I didn’t know my wife at the time that I wrote “This Ring”, somehow the words that I wrote for that song were always meant to be for her. “This Ring” said everything that I wanted to say on my wedding day”.

“It’s been five years now since I first sang “This Ring” to my wife and in that time, many things have changed for us. We have lost a wonderful father and have said goodbye to the only grandparents that I ever knew. In September of 2005, we became proud parents to a beautiful baby boy named Kellan Scott. He has been without a doubt the joy of our lives. He reminds us everyday that love’s greatest gifts come in small packages. Through all the changes we have experienced in the five short years that we have been together, we have not forgotten the love that we have for each other. Our love has only grown stronger with time. In another five years, I intend to look back on the changes in our lives once again and reflect on the promise that we once made.

That promise was our vow of commitment, encouragement, and devotion for one another as we grow old. Only recently, with my wife’s loving encouragement, did I decide to have “This Ring” professionally recorded. My hope is that others may use this same vow of commitment as they prepare for a life of togetherness. Marriage truly has been a blessing for me and “This Ring” has always been more than just a song; it’s an eternal promise to the one I love.”