Wedding attire for the men

It is refreshing to notice that men actually do care about their looks and want to look their best for special occasions. A wedding ceremony is one of those events you’ll want to look like a million dollars.

The main concern readers have about wedding ceremonies, is whether or not they’ll be over or under-dressed for the occasion. They also ask about what attire is appropriate if the event is held during the day or at night, versus a being formal or semi-formal.

If you’re going to be part of a wedding crew in the near future, simply follow these guidelines and make sure you’re dressed to impress, all within the right guidelines.

The wedding crew

The main guys involved in the wedding ceremony are the groom, groomsmen or ”best man”, the ring bearer and the father of the bride. All of the crew’s members should evidently look their best within these guidelines.


First of all, a groom is described as the man getting married. Generally, the groom and the groomsmen should be wearing two different styles of garments or else they’ll just look too much alike.

They should however choose styles that reflect their personalities and in which they’ll feel comfortable and proud. More conservative individuals should stick to basics with more traditional colors and styles while more colorful individuals should opt for a chancier suit.

The odds are you’ll only have one shot at being the groom therefore the logical thing to do is getting the most impressive outfit possible. Also remember that your wedding pictures will most definitely be exposed on your fireplace for the rest of your life. So you better look good.

The groom’s attire will vary depending on the formality of the wedding, the time of the day of the ceremony, and the person’s individual style. Here are the general guidelines to help you with your selection:

◾Jacket: Wear a black or gray contoured jacket (short or long)
◾Trousers: Striped trousers
◾Shirt and vest: Wing collared white dress shirt and optional vest

Complete your look with a nice-looking pair of dressy shoes and a sassy bow tie.

Evening formal
◾Jacket: Black tuxedo
◾Trousers: Black striped trousers
◾Shirt and vest: Matching vest or a cummerbund

Complete your look with a sharp looking pair of shoes and a bow tie. Black tails would also work well.

Day semi-formal
◾Suit: Formal suit in dark colors
◾Styles: Styles may vary with seasons and the person’s personal style
◾Shirt and vest: white shirt with a bow tie, a vest or a cummerbund

Complete your look with sharp looking pair of dressy shoes.

Groomsmen or “The best man”

The Groomsman is the man who attends the groom at a wedding; he’s also known as the groom’s best man. When the time comes of choosing his attire, the rules are very similar to those of the groom. Usually the groomsmen should get his suit fitting done along with the groom.

Ring bearer

The ring bearer should also be dressed very similarly to the groom. It’s actually really charming to see the ring bearer dressed exactly the same way as the groom when he or she is a child. On the other hand if the ring bearer is older, wearing the exact an identical suit might very well lose its effect.

Father of the bride

The father of the bride always plays a special role in wedding ceremonies. His little sweetheart is getting married and he’s also going to walk her down the isle. Because his role is perceived as being more a little more important, his attire should be different to everyone else’s. He should follow the same guidelines in terms of formality he should be wearing a totally different color or a distinct style of suit.

These are very general guidelines, which will hopefully help you select your wedding attire for your next wedding ceremony. I strongly suggest that you flip through various specialized wedding periodicals and that you consult a wedding specialist before purchasing or renting your wedding gear. Trends are always changing and there’s nothing better than an experts opinion to strengthen your purchasing decision.

Good luck and keep on styling.

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