“Every act of kindness benefits the giver as well as the receiver”. Katrina Mayer is right.

Offering a present is probably one of the greatest moments for both you and your husband. A well planned gift, which shows you are interested in the one next to you, is a beautiful way to define love and caring in a different manner.

We believe in presents and, more than that, we believe you should be original. As a matter of fact, the importance of a present is not given by its value in money, but by the originality and the effort you put in finding the right item.

Generally speaking, wedding anniversary gifts are connected to a certain chronology, but let’s be honest: when you want to offer a present, the rule is that there is no rule. Maybe you feel like offering some diamond cufflinks after the first year together, while other woman will give the same present after 10 years. Some prefer out of the box approaches, some are classier, some can afford a 20,000 dollar gift, and others barely afford a 100 dollar present.

Anyway, when choosing his wedding anniversary present, you should keep in mind 3 crucial guidelines:

  1. Passion: this is a very good indicator of the constant interest and attention and it will always help you choose a very good present… even when you are out of ideas.
  2. Personal style: while some are classy an elegant, others prefer casual or original approaches.
  3. Age: if you got married in your late 30s and your husband is, let’s say 40, the 1-year anniversary gift will definitely be different compared to the situation when you got married at 20 and your spouse is 22.

Maybe you wonder why we mention nothing about the budget at this point. This is not accidental at all. A wedding anniversary gift is a special thing. Drawing a precise budget from the very beginning might limit your ideas and determine you to step back and make a compromise even before considering if a compromise is really necessary.

Top 3 recommendations for a memorable wedding anniversary gift:

Here are some of our ideas to make your anniversary unforgettable and your husband to feel important. Our recommendations are based primarily on hobbies rather than other possible features because we believe our passions deeply define who we are, they are the very intimate part of us which connect us to our desire of being better humans.

For traveling enthusiasts the list of gifts is practically infinite. Throughout the last decades, traveling has become a very usual activity thus dedicated items or activities has enormously developed. Generally speaking, being free spirit persons, the traveling enthusiasts are always ready to enjoy experiments, thus are happy to receive a large variety of gifts.

For plant lovers, the gifts greatly depend on the specific of the hobby, meaning your husband is either a simple plant admirer or green thumbs, loving to plant seeds, to see the outcome of his work. Plant lovers are persons of great sensibility, true nature admirers who deserve a small piece of green in their everyday lives.

For music fans, the list is also very long. Music is part of our lives since we are born and we continue to keep next to us all our lives. Music enchants our senses, brings us joy and may offer unique experiences, be it classical, rock or pop.

For stylish and elegant gentlemen it could be a challenge as they tend to be sophisticated, especially when we talk about persons with incomes above average. The situation may also get complicated because they practically can afford almost anything.

We have found some romantic ideas for wedding anniversaries that we liked here and also unique personalized gifts for him that you can order here.

If you find it difficult buying something, we suggest you to access some online shops, search for a specific item and then look at the site’s recommendations, for example, see Amazon’s “frequently bought together” or “customers who bought this item also bought…”. You may find them very useful and less time consuming.

We hope our tips and tricks will help you always offer the memorable gifts your husband deserves! Here you can find a list of traditional wedding anniversary gifts for him.