More brides are finding the value in hiring a professional videographer for their wedding. In fact, a well made video has become a standard part of the entire event, just as photography has been for years. However, hiring a professional does not guarantee that your video will turn out as expected.

Some videos are shot skillfully, edited with grace and elegance which rival feature films, while others are boring and outdated with cheesy animations, poorly set up shots, and shaky footage. There are several key things to keep in mind that will help eliminate any surprises once you receive your final edited video.

Communication and quality

Communication with your videographer is essential. Make sure you feel comfortable discussing your expectations for your wedding video. Are they easy to contact and will they be available to discuss your needs and concerns? Remember that they will be around you and your family during the most important day of your life, so follow your instincts when it comes to personality. Ensure their personality fits the occasion and their style won’t clash with your family.

Always view a variety of the prospective videographers work. This helps to determine the style and quality of the video. Do the samples invoke emotion? Does it keep your attention and entertain or is it boring and cause you to reach for the fast forward button? Do the video and music work together to add to the emotion, or does it appear that the music was an afterthought? Ensure you are viewing the work of the person who will be actually filming your wedding. Some companies hire outside help, such as freelance videographers or even inexperienced college students. Make sure you are getting who you want and what you want.

Finally, when selecting a videographer, ask if you may contact previous clients. The company should have a true interest in making a custom video that reflects you as a couple. If the sample wedding you view from the company is boring, that’s not the fault of the wedding. It’s up to the videographer to produce a high-quality video that’s entertaining to watch.

Cost and experience

The costs for professional video equipment have dropped in recent years, while quality has increased. This has spurred a growth in the number of companies offering wedding videography. Be aware that many new companies charge extremely low prices in order to gain experience and footage for demonstration purposes. Your wedding video is an investment in one of life’s greatest moments, and it is well worth the money to hire someone you have confidence in. As with many things in life, you often get what you pay for.

The challenge is to find a company that uses creativity when shooting and editing while maintaining an unobtrusive presence during the ceremony and reception. Producing a good quality wedding video is truly an art form. A good videographer is able to anticipate important moments, capture them with ease, and ultimately edit it into your video with grace and elegance. The goal is to make those spontaneous moments appear to have been professionally directed.


The current trend in video is to create a more cinematic feel to your wedding video. Through editing techniques and newer cameras, some video now has the look and feel of motion pictures. The video may be shot and edited in widescreen format, for example. Certain filters also give the video more of a film look, adding to the realism of a motion picture type video. Creative camera work can also add more depth to a video. Shots filmed from one angle and one camera tends to give the video a flat, one dimensional look. Also, short form editing vs. long form editing is ideal if you want the video to flow seamlessly from shot to shot. This eliminates long boring clips and keeps the viewers interest.

Love stories and more

Another popular trend is to have the couple become actors in their own production. (No acting skills necessary!) A Love Story can include interviews and a re-creation of the engagement or the moment they first saw each other. Once the video is shot, several creative elements can be added to the video in post production. You can make it appear as if they were part of an old 1930’s silent movie or give the video a dreamy soft glow. Another option is to have all the groomsmen put together a mini concept video while the bride is getting ready. With all those good looking guys dressed in tuxedos, it is a great time to capture some candid moments on video.

We have heard brides say “Why should I spend that much money on something I will only watch once or twice?” That’s a good question! I wouldn’t spend my hard earned money on something that boring either! But if you hire the right videographer, one who specializes in making videos that are flowing and entertaining, you will want to watch your video over and over. And believe it or not, so will your friends and family!