You want your wedding to be unique and memorable, but how do you make sure that it actually will be? Planning and creativity. Today themed weddings are gaining in popularity. Whether it is a country western wedding theme, a goth wedding theme or something else, a little searching online will open up a treasure trove of unique decoration ideas for your wedding.

Some brides and grooms are using the cake as the focal point of the reception. The height, style, color or theme of the cake can make a very unique wedding decoration. For example, on Food Network’s show, The Ace of Cakes, a couple being married on the 4th of July chose to have their wedding cake be a scene from the movie Independence Day. Their wedding cake was of the White House being attacked by a spaceship. Guests are sure to remember that cake for a long time to come!

The trend towards “going green” is spilling over into wedding favors. Instead of buying traditional wedding favors, brides and grooms are taking the money that would have been spent on favors and making a donation to a charity in the names of their guests. Small envelopes printed with a message telling each guest about this are left at each guest’s place setting.

Another unique decorating idea for brides and grooms who have lost a parent or grandparent is to set up a memorial table in honor of that person. A picture of the person in a special frame along with mementos brings the deceased loved one into the wedding even though they cannot be there in person. This idea could also be used for brides and grooms who have family away in the military.

To find unique wedding decorations for your wedding, be creative, use your imagination and ingenuity. In addition to looking at wedding supply stores, do not forget to look at other stores, such as your local craft store, to purchase your wedding decorations. By planning ahead, sticking to a budget and using your imagination, your unique wedding decorations will truly be a representation of who you are.